FAQ – My child can not attend tryouts one or both days…

We have received a number of emails letting us know your child is unable to attend the tryouts on Friday/Saturday.


The girls program is expecting to have 10-12 players per team.  We understand there is only one tryout on Saturday, September 30.  If we have players who are not able to attend, please let us know and we will work with your child during the first week of practice, starting on October 2.


The tryouts are weekend based, meaning the coaches will evaluate the players on Friday & Saturday and combine the scores.  We are projecting 10-12 player per team.  While we understand kids play multiple sports and have other commitments, we encourage all players to be there for at least one session.  The coaches will have the ability to hold 1 or 2 slots for players who do not attend to have further evaluation during the first week of practice.  This is at the coaches discretion based on the number of players who were seen at the tryouts.